Get to Know About the Italian Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular fast-food in the world. From kids to elders everybody loves to savor the unique taste of this dish. For its growing popularity many take away pizza shops have come up in different parts of the world.

Though pizza is a very popular food, its history dates back to the ancient times. It was the Greeks who first introduced this dish. They used to bake a round flatbread in a stone oven. The bread was topped with oil, spices and herbs. However the home for modern pizza is Naples where it was a cost effective meal for the peasants. Raffaele Esposito popularized this dish by baking a special one for the Queen.

Pizza23In the Italian pizza the flatbread is smeared with tomato sauce and is served with different toppings and then baked in a wood fired oven. Olive oil, tomato sauce, herbs, vegetables, meat and lots of cheese are mostly used as topping. Many also use seafood instead of meat which adds a unique taste to it. For also baking it in the wood fired ovens the pizza gets a smoky flavor which also adds to its great taste.

The Italian pizzas have become very popular even in Australia. Now chefs are also experimenting with it to make it all the more delicious. Many of the Gourmet Pizza Restaurants in Australia offer takeaways and often give exciting offers as well. La Piazza Allegra is one such restaurant in Elsternwick that serves excellent quality Italian pizzas. It also provides exciting offers and monthly promotions to win prizes.


What Makes Italian Bar and Restaurants So Popular?

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular one in the world. The simplicity, wide variety and delicious taste of the Italian dishes make them so famous among the food lovers of the world. Children who are fussy eaters are also seen to savor the dishes of the country. Many Italian bar and restaurants have come up today due to the growing demand for the country’s food.

The Italian eateries are visited by most food lovers as they serve great quality dishes using the best quality ingredients. The dishes are simple but their delectable taste simply tantalizes their taste buds. Not only do they serve pizza and pasta but also different varieties of dishes like risotto, meatballs, polenta, tiramisu and many others. In fact people can enjoy a sumptuous meal in these restaurants. Apart from enjoying a great meal people are also served with fine quality wine as it is part of the Italian food culture.

imMoreover the restaurants serve the dishes in generous quantities and in the most creative way. This attracts many people to these eateries as well. Service in Italian restaurants is also great and the staff is always on their toes to fulfill the demands of their guests.

Unlike the casual dining places these eateries have a very sophisticated and peaceful ambience. That is why many prefer these places to enjoy a quite dinner with their loved ones. These are also ideal for family gathering or other events. Most of them are Restaurants with Function Rooms where the events can be arranged and also the required facilities are also provided.

The Italian eateries are ideal place to enjoy some lip smacking dishes that too in a very tranquil atmosphere.

The Evolution of Italian Wood Fired Pizza

Pizza is one of the most fast food in the world. It is a popular dish in Italy but now has spread to different corners of the world. In fact now it is being incorporated into different styles using various ingredients. Today this dish has become all the more popular among people of all ages as many take away pizza shops have come up.

Even though pizza is said to originate from Italy but it has been there from ancient times. In mainly originates from the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans who used to bake an uneven flatbread in a mud oven which was topped with olive oil and various herbs. In some reports it is said that it was a meal for the people. With the introduction of tomatoes and cheese in Italy and other Mediterranean countries the dish became all the more delicious.

LappizzaThe modern Italian Wood Fired Pizza was first invented in Naples by a baker named Raffaelle Esposito. His creation gained instant popularity and he was asked to prepare it for King Umberto and Queen Margherita. It is said that the name of the Pizza Margherita was derived from the Queen. Today this flat bread dish is served with various toppings and the common ingredients are tomato sauce, olive oil, herbs, vegetables, meat and mozzarella cheese.

Today the Americans have created their own style of Pizza which is also gained worldwide recognition. This flatbread delicacy was introduced to the Americans through Italian immigrants. Now varied styles of Pizza are being served all over the world like deep-dish pizza, stuffed pizza, pizza pockets, pizza turnovers, rolled pizza and many others.

Enjoy a Royal Dining Experience in the Italian Restaurants of Melbourne

Italian food is the most relished cuisine by the food lovers from all over the country. It has gained the utmost popularity because of its delicious taste, simplicity and the unique style of preparation.  Italian cuisines are influenced by the culture of Greek, Romania, Jewish and India as well.

Italian cuisines is a blend of various culture incorporated into Italian style, thus giving it a special taste. Italian cafe and restaurants are increasing in demand among the foodies. Some of the Italian restaurants cater for diversified cuisine such as Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and North Indian and so on. But majority of the famous Italian Bar and Restaurants serves authentic Italian dishes.

LapThe expert chefs use innovative techniques to make the dishes more appealing to the visitors. They use the finest and freshest ingredients to make the cuisine healthy and tasty at the same time. Some of the essential ingredients used in the preparation of Italian cuisine are cheese, basil, roasted garlic, tomatoes, olive oil and wine.

Some of the famous recipes of Italy that are cherished by the people of all group are Pizza, Pasta, soups and sauces, cheese made preparations, desert and pastry to be precise. Pasta dishes are served in different forms of penne, spaghetti, ravioli and macaroni.

Wood fired pizza is the specialty of Italian restaurants which is prepared by baking it in wood fired oven. Its Smokey flavor and lip smacking toppings makes it tastier.

Italian restaurants offer a classy ambience accompanied with warm welcome. They offer the best hospitality to their clients and make sure that they visit the place again.

The Growing Popularity of Italian Wood Fired Pizza

Today Pizza is one of the most popular fast food in the world. It’s easily available as there are numerous pizza takeaway shops that offer fast delivery services.  Pizza is basically an Italian recipe which has spread to all parts of the world. The most surprising fact is that each country has incorporated their style of pizza.


 Though different style of pizza are being served in the restaurants or takeaway shops  it is the Italian wood fired pizza that majority of the people love.  The Italian pizza mainly originates from Naples. It is basically flat bread that is light and crusty topped with a tomato sauce, vegetables meat, herbs, and mozzarella cheese. The cheese adds a very unique flavor in the pizza. This flat bread is baked in wood fired ovens which give a smoky taste to it. There are different types of toppings used in Pizzas which people can select from the shops.

 Now Italian chefs are even preparing Wood Fired Pizza Desserts. In these desserts the flatbreads are topped with custards or other sweet sauces and then they are either covered with fruits or candies. These desserts are really delicious and are gradually gaining recognition in the whole world. These desserts are served by Italian restaurants as well as the pizza takeaway shops.

The best thing about this crispy flat bread dish is that it is loved by people of all ages. Pizza have become a party snack and at times had for dinners as well.  Pizza is also quite healthy as it contains vegetables, meats and cheese.

Enjoy Italian Pizza by ordering from the Take Away Shops

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. It is now regarded as a fast food. People of all ages’ love it, be it kids, teenagers or adults. Its popularity has gone to such heights that there are innumerable take away pizza shops in all parts of the world.

This dish originates from Naples, Italy in the 19th century. It was more like a flatbread that was topped with basil, tomato sauce and cheese baked in wood fired ovens to get a smoky flavor. Over the years Italian made this flat bread more delicious with different kinds of toppings. Now pizza breads have a tomato base and then it is topped with vegetables, different meats, herbs and mozzarella cheese.


America was the first country to incorporate this flatbread in their style. Though now pizza is prepared with different toppings yet most people love to enjoy the Italian Wood Fired Pizza. Its usage of different herbs, as well as its saucy and cheesy taste makes it most people’s favorite.  Many think that pizzas are not healthy, but the cheese used is rich in protein, sodium and calcium. Moreover the meat and vegetables also makes it quite healthy. Few studies have found that pizza is healthy diet that can prevent cancer and heart problems.

Today plethora of pizza take away shops can be found that offer great services. Whenever one is not in the mood to cook at night or have friends partying, they order pizzas. The take away shops take very less time in delivering it at their doorstep. Now most of these take away shops offer exciting offers to the customers.

What to Expect from the Italian Café Restaurant?

Since the last few decades, Italian food has spread to all parts of the world.  In a very short span of time Italian dishes have become people’s favorite. Innumerable restaurants are now found worldwide. Its simplicity, great taste, presentation and usage of fresh ingredients have made it popular. Today various countries are incorporating their own styles in many Italian dishes especially pizza and pasta. Image

Italian café restaurants have lots to offer to its guests. Most of these restaurants try to serve the authentic dishes to their guests to make it more popular way. Besides pizzas and pastas they serve risottos, lasagna, meat balls, seafood and different kinds of desserts. Each of these dishes are prepared with the fresh ingredients and presented in the most tempting way. Wines are inseparable parts of a Italian meal, so these restaurants serve their guests with fine quality wines.  Cappuccino is another favorite among the Italians so it is readily available in all café restaurants. Cappuccino to the people is coffee, milk and thick foam of cream.

Besides the great food the service at the Family Italian Restaurant is highly commendable. The service here is very friendly and warm that makes the people drop in to these places over and over again. Most of these restaurants have a sophisticated ambience unlike other eateries which are rather casual.  These places are very ideal for formal and romantic dinners. Many of these restaurants are modeled like an Italian town giving the guests a feel of their rich culture.

Hence people can get a wonderful dining experience by visiting these Italian café restaurants.

The Huge Popularity of Pizzas in the World

Pizza is one of the most popular Italian dishes in the whole world.  There are very few people in the world who do not like pizzas. It is an ancient cuisine but chefs all over the world are preparing different style of pizzas. In fact it is regarded as the favorite fast food among the people and so the pizza takeaway shops are earning huge profits. So much so that International Pizza Day is celebrated each year on February 9th.Pizza

This great fast-food did not originate in Italy rather in ancient Greece. However, the modern pizza was invented in Naples. The Greeks seasoned flat bread with flour and water, while they prepared the topping with cheese and tomatoes. The flat round breads were baked in wood fired stove. Over the years various experiments are being made with the toppings.  The pizzas mostly have a tomato base along with meat and vegetable and mozzarella cheese toppings.  Before serving they are seasoned with oregano and chili flakes. Though now chefs try to make new kinds of pizzas using various ingredients, the traditional version still is enjoyed by the people all through the world.

This popular flatbread is no longer restricted to the main course as the Wood Fired Pizza Desserts are also becoming people’s favorite. These pizza desserts are made of the dough that are covered with a sweet sauce and then topped with fruits or candies. The desserts are simply loved by children.

This great dish is a perfect meal which either be enjoyed in the traditional style or can also be customized.